Discovering great new articles just became a whole lot easier

Callum O’Connor




Read smarter with Stack

The social news reading app you’ve been waiting for is finally here, Stack gives you the chance to follow friends and thought leaders to discover what smart people are reading.

Today, we invite you to download Stack, available on iOS from the App Store and Android on Google Play. With Stack, you can discover what influential figures are reading, and read it for yourself. From staying ahead of the trends in your industry to keeping on top of the latest tech or fashion news - do it all directly from your Stack account.

How it works:

Stack is a cleaner, simpler alternative to your Twitter feed, bringing you personally relevant articles and the latest news without the incessant click bait that accompanies your standard timeline. On top of pulling articles from your Twitter, Stack gives you the opportunity to follow like-minded individuals to unearth interesting new material for you to read offline, here’s how:

Follow friends and thought leaders

First, choose the Stack users you wish to follow: you may want to keep up to date with what your friends are reading about your favourite sports team or stay on top of what a certain venture capitalist is reading about the latest start-up. Once you have done so, Stack will use clever content recommendation algorithms to bring you interesting, new articles based on who you follow.

Stack your favourite articles and build your following:

Now you’ve got a feed of great articles that is both clever and aesthetically pleasing (who knew that was possible!?) you can begin to Stack the articles you want to share with your followers.

Stacking is easy, notice the Stack icon on each article in your feed? Tap that to save an article to your profile - not only does this share the piece with your followers; it saves it allowing you to create a collection of your favourite articles to revisit and read offline at any time.

So there you have it, the comprehensive guide to using Stack. As you can probably tell by now it’s all pretty straightforward, so to find some great new content to read offline on your otherwise dull daily commute, give the Stack app a download and get Stacking!

Don’t want to take our word for it? See what people are saying about Stack on Product Hunt, don’t forget to give us an up vote!